As the founder and current , Joseph Ashford understands that selling time and skills for a one-time payment is not the most efficient way to make money. While regular income is essential, it typically has little impact on increasing wealth. Working for wages paid by someone else also reduces the time available for people to pursue activities that can build their own wealth such as writing an eBook or creating an online class.

People who become wealthy over time also tend to create businesses for themselves rather than working as an hourly or salaried employee for someone else. …

Joseph Ashford is a global investor and entrepreneur. He is based in the United Kingdom but holds investments and other interests in Europe, South America, and Asia. He is the founder and non-executive chairman of K4 Global, a consulting firm with an expansive portfolio of investments.

Over the past 20 years, Ashford’s investment methods and strategies have paid off significantly. Most of his investments focus on businesses and properties rather than individual securities or other investment methods. When Ashford finds a project he thinks will be successful, he dives in headfirst to create an outstanding customer experience.

K4 Global Portfolio and Projects

K4 Global and…

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the CEO and founder of the London-based K4 Global. The clients of his consultancy firm represent well-known, established professionals across all media sectors. Some may look at how successful Ashford is today and not realise how much time he spent in the trenches climbing the corporate ladder. He credits his many years of business experience before launching his own company with helping to develop his current management style. Ashford provides high-level clients with a range of bespoke financial and reputation management services.

Succeeding in Business and Investing Requires a Certain Amount of Grit

Although many people desire to be CEO of their own company, few succeed with…

In this day and age, people can know the intricate details of a business with just a click of a button. As individuals, many of us display facets of our lives on social media, expressing our opinions, beliefs and principles. In the business world, consumers are demanding that the companies they purchase from do the same, or at least let it be known that they have a social and environmental stance.

At K4 Global, we understand the importance of having social responsibility. Businesses tap into their market and aim to provide a product or service that will benefit the audience…

One of the most important things to understand about being an entrepreneur is that there is no “one right path” to success.

Every business professional is unique unto the next — meaning that no “one size fits all” approach guarantees prosperity. But one thing that most successful entrepreneurs have in common can be summed up in a single word:


Grit is that sense of hard work, passion and perseverance necessary to achieve long-term goals. Some people call it mental toughness, while others call it professional decisiveness. …

In the opinion of Joseph Ashford, one of the most valuable resources any entrepreneur has access to can ultimately be summed up in a single word:


Whenever you perform a service for someone else — regardless of whether you’re acting as an employee or operating in a consulting capacity — you’re ultimately trading your time for money. It’s natural to assume, therefore, that the more time you put into an enterprise, the more money you’ll make.

But there are only so many hours in a day — which means you need to be smart about how you spend yours…

Joseph Ashford Ellis is a global investor and entrepreneur who has held interests in Asia, Europe, South America, and the United Kingdom. With two decades of business experience behind him, Ashford is well-known for his ability to identify and nurture businesses across a wide range of industries. His greatest area of focus has been the UK service sector.

Through his work on various endeavours in these countries, Ashford has developed great personal wealth for himself. The list below represents the types of properties and businesses where he has realised the greatest return on his investment dollar.

  • Luxury and rare motor…

Joseph Ashford Ellis is the founder of K4 Global, a London-based communications and marketing firm. K4 Global, founded in 2014, offers clients worldwide a range of services, including public relations, strategic marketing, crisis management, asset protection, and security for individuals and organizations. Its client base is diverse, including established businesses in media, real estate, the service industry and technology, along with startups and A-list individuals.

In its seven years of existence, K4 Global has quickly become a disruptive player in multiple business sectors, from strategic planning to bespoke financial services for clients. …

With the myriad responsibilities that startups have to face, having some guidance on how to draw high paying customers and building a name for themselves can be invaluable.

Strategic marketing expert Joseph Ashford Ellis, founder of K4 Global, a London-based marketing firm, knows the importance of public relations, marketing and reputation management.

Ashford argues that “content, not advertising, is the future of marketing” and that “marketing has evolved completely from the days of pitching a product or service.” He has helped many businesses globally identify unique investment opportunities, drive continued growth, improve margin, and reduce risk through his unique expertise…

Startup companies face challenges that are different from those faced by established businesses, especially when it comes to marketing. One difference between marketing a startup and an established brand is that consumers are getting to know the brand story and the product simultaneously. Given that the product may still be in development, the marketer also needs to be agile and ready to respond to unexpected obstacles with an early startup marketing strategy.

London-based entrepreneur Joseph Ashford Ellis knows first-hand the challenges and opportunities inherent in marketing startup organisations. His experience includes developing a marketing strategy, producing events, public relations, strategic…

Joseph Ashford Ellis

Owner and Founder of K4 Global | Entrepreneur and Internet Visionary in London, UK |

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